finding Statistics

Tips and tricks

Finding statistics can be a difficult task. Here we have made it easier for you to find the statistics that go along with your research.

Why is it so hard to Find Statistics?

  • Words are easy to search for using a search engine; numbers are not.
  • Sometimes the study you need hasn't been done yet, i.e. the statistics don't exist.
  • Statistics can go out of date quickly.

Search Tips

  • Use the suggested websites on the links in the drop-down menu under Finding Statistics to the left.
  • Government websites (.gov) are a great source for statistics.
  • Try an image search in Google. Want statistics on smoking? Do an image search for "smoking charts" (or graphs, tables or figures -- anything that might give a compilation of numbers).
  • When searching in article databases, reserve one box for words like statistics or research or even study. Choose articles with charts or tables.